About the Author

M.C. Ross is an author for young readers, a playwright, and a dog walker when he’s lucky. His first books for young readers, A Dog’s Porpoise and R.I.P., were published in 2019. His first action-adventure, Game Over, came out in 2022. His fourth book, Nugly, will be out in September 2023. And in the meantime, he is working on writing his fifth book. And his sixth, and maybe his seventh. He likes to write.

Mike Ross
Photo by Mark C. O’Flaherty

Originally from Apple Valley, Minnesota, M.C. Ross knew that he wanted to be a writer from the time he was in first grade. He went to Harvard University, got a degree in English, moved to New York, and started writing books for kids. Well, there were some other steps in the middle – he wore a funny hat and worked as a tour guide; he went door to door around Minnesota raising money for Sesame Street; and he spent two years as a babysitter to a family of three Siberian Huskies, all of whom were insane. Overall, he feels very fortunate. 

If you would like to contact M.C. Ross for any reason at all, you can do so here.